The Model Questionaire

Models come from all sorts of backgrounds, both culturally and geographically. Through this study I am using a questionnaire as well as personal dialog/interview to find more about the trends of modeling.

Click HERE for the questionnaire

If you haven’t filled out the questionnaire yet, close your eyes and avoid reading the rest of this post until after. I want an honest evaluation of yourself and your experience modeling. It’s a simple one-word-answer set of questions to gage YOUR individual view of modeling. If your English is not as extensive as a native’s, feel free to enter a sentence and I will find the correct word to fit. It shouldn’t take longer than 10 minutes.


Reading this far is telling me that you are finished.

I want to thank you for your participation. As you noticed, no name is attached to the questionnaire, this is because you are contributing to a database that I hope will shed some light for models trying to make sense of the fashion world. What sets modeling apart from the typical job is that you ARE your business. Taking work home? We have none of that. We live our work - down to our dinner choices and exercise regime! There is no break and when we do allow ourselves to indulge our bookers are there to frown at our measurements.

So why do models submit themselves to such extreme working conditions? In short, why do we choose to model? Nearly 100% of the models who’ve encountered my questionnaire haven’t hesitated with the answer. Travel. Once you get a taste you can’t stop.

I’m collecting data to find trends. Are we modeling because we don’t like commitment (isn't it true?) and we enjoy the spontaneous (time to embrace it) or is it the promise of $$? The majority of girls, so far, who’ve filled out the questionnaire had to give a long pause of thought to that ‘What do you want to be doing in 5 years’ line. Unlike most industries, modeling has a shelf life. Unless you hit it big we all realize that this is a short lived lifestyle.

Which means the time spent in modeling needs to be approached seriously. By understanding the views of many models, I’m hoping to enlighten the girls out there who are prone to the same pitfalls myself and many others have fallen in and out of. Pitfalls such as extreme (or non existent) diets, anti-home sentiments and promoter nets. Thank you for participating!