Thursday, 27 November 2014

Giving Thanks To Point Of View

The little things.
And the major life events.
Influences make you who you are. Where you were born, your family, school, work, pop culture - we are interpreters of our surroundings. And yet, all of us are born with the same genetic materials. So how come our 100 billion neurons interpret situations differently?
Fittingly, today is Thanksgiving Day back in the states - making this an appropriate time to appreciate the people and cultures that make us who we are. Your parents give you genetics (life). Your society gives you opportunity. The world gives you resource. From the moment you are born, your neurons are connecting and reconnecting to form a constantly progressing point of view. And thus emerges the individual. You are an expression of accumulated reaction.

The point that I’m trying to boil down to is this: we are who we are because of the people and circumstances around us. We might not be born with our mother’s patience or our father’s ambition, but our character traits come from those closest to us. Now would be a good time to thank those people who have inspired your good side.

Appreciating family, for me, has become much more important over the past couple of years, most likely because I’m traveling and spending the majority of my time away. Still, that sheltered “bubble” I grew up in is at the core of who I am. Religion. Education. Politics. These things and more create your rules for interacting with the world around you. But family is the strongest influence we have. The one life-long constant. It’s during childhood that your “world map” is created. That world map is adapted into adulthood where friends, acquaintances and strangers begin playing primary roles in influencing who you are.

We owe a lot to our family and culture. They’ve provided us with the building blocks we now get to play with to create our place in the world. On this Thanksgiving Day try to analyze what you’re most thankful for and how those things have influenced you.

Still, influences do not define us. That's done through the way we use those influences to react. Either consciously or not. At the end of the day, you have control over which character traits you choose to reflect and which ones you choose not to. Are the people around you thankful for the influence you are?
Happy Thanksgiving Day :)

Tuesday, 25 November 2014

I Can Explain... Intro To "Project Wake-Up"

Our experiences - the moments that forge who we are - can never be merged. In addition, perception is constantly changed with the more we experience... meaning that my perception  might not apply to everyone or even myself as the years change my viewpoint. That being said, however, life phases are definable. And that is the platform for this blog project. I want to explore the phenomenon that is personality. And I invite you to join me.

Personality, for modeling and many careers, is considered an essential. But no one knows how to define it or really even describe it. My first time traveling for modeling to New York City began with a roller coaster of emotions. I remember those mornings, afternoons and evenings in the cafĂ© downstairs stressing collectively with my roommates. A regular topic: How the hell are we supposed to unlock our ‘wow factor’? If you force yourself to be more talkative - you’re obnoxious. If you’re too quiet - you’re invisible. What’s the formula to a perfect personal aura?!

Well, time has passed since then. And even though I haven’t found the exact formula, I do know what has helped me since that first fashion week. I can’t fit too much detail in this intro post, but here are a couple of hints towards what I’ve found to be most beneficial. In the next posts I’ll be going into further depth and having guest input.

Experience. The ups, the downs, the run arounds. These are necessary to form your world view. Distance yourself from what you know in order to find what you understand. Spread your energy into developing passions. Find joy in the simple things. Experience takes time and can’t be faked. You have to constantly invest in yourself. And remember - your life is a collection of experiences already. Evaluate your childhood, adolescence and adulthood to your current point. The fond along with the not so fond. Appreciate the who, what and how you currently are.

Calm. I can’t speak for anyone else, but I have had a good deal of bitterness hold me back in the past. From stress, from lack of communication (mostly on my part), from unreal expectations or flawed interpretations. Exhale those away. Trust yourself and the people around you - that way your genuine self can come through. I want to point out that calm IS NOT numb. If you’ve numbed yourself into the flow of circumstances, you are not experiencing. Calm is taking in the moment, understanding how you’ve come to that moment, and accepting where it might lead you. I’m not perfect in this and I doubt that anyone is.

Motivation. You have the power to influences your circumstances. The world is better connected now than ever before, and if you’re passionate about something you can make it happen. I’ve struggled with this one, reserving myself to ‘numbness’ and allowing events to play themselves out. That’s time lost to an irretrievable past. The future, however, can always be acted on. I suggest we all strive towards making ourselves better than the day before.

Confidence. It’s a combination of all these things. Experience. Calm. Motivation. When you understand yourself, you understand others and the world around you. When you have experienced a life phase, you can understand and relate to others currently in that life phase. Confidence is that ‘personal aura’ I mentioned before. Saying things that matter instead of trying to fill the silence with nonsense. It’s style and interest.

I intend to explore how people perceive confidence. My hope is that this exploration can be as useful to others as it has been to me. More to come. xo