Monday, 21 July 2014

Let's Try Again

Hmmm... that went well.

Nevermind that I didn't post... anything... while I was in NYC. The experience helped me grow as a person and I guess you'll never know the full details! Work-wise the season was unbearably slow, but time was made bearable by having my friends in town. Anne Lise (who I met before in Tokyo) added all sorts of inspiration when I accompanied her during her art projects. Former roommates Blair (NYC + Tokyo) and Dani (NYC) were able to be in the city during the same time period. I moved over to Williamsburg to room with those two and we had all sorts of adventures together! Not to mention Pudge Knuckles, my favorite café, made the stay stellar once more. My "granoatmeal" might be featured soon on the menu. As a side note, I think there's no better way to experience a city than to find your center and regular 'quiet spot'. In Tokyo the regular café was MUD - which, as it turns out, has one other location. But... the one in NYC isn't nearly as good, unfortunately.

Mostly fond memories in Williamsburg. Coffee, checkers and coffee, ping pong in the amenities room and rooftop BBQs characterized our time there. One alcoholic roommate and the rest were 'kindred spirits'. I miss them as I type this!

I am currently in Utah. There will be a big family reunion soon, which I am very happy to be joining, then it's off to Europe! Details to come soon.

And that's that.

While in NYC I started handing out questionnaires to models - a psychology experiment - and I'll be trying to interpret and post my findings here.

On the language front I've been trying to learn some more Italian songs, since it's likely I'll end up in Italy. Even though it's not a serious commitment to language learning, I am picking up a few words here and there. Featured artist right now: Lara Fabian

Most recently I copied down and memorized "Je Suis Malade" by Lara Fabian which translates to "I'm Sick" (love sick, for clarification)