Friday, 7 February 2014

The Theraputical Vanishing Act

I've been back in Utah for over a week now and I've been filling my days with writing, language, and the occasional documentary (alright - I also got hooked on the Sherlock Holmes BBC series) all in all it's been great because I've dropped off the radar.
There's something to be said about letting yourself get cut loose. This is an idea that first formulated when I got my phone stolen in Singapore. All the sudden I couldn't retreat into that hand-held world. Granted I had already taken the first step by having a separate phone for the agency (i.e. no data on my smart phone) and functioned on wifi-only. Then it was nothing. At first this translated to anxiety - not having an excuse for distraction - but slowly it became... well... liberating. I didn't need a map because I had looked around and knew my way. I was more observant, more entertained, and all around better adapted to my surroundings - all because I didn't have my phone on me.
Now I have my phone, but hardly have it in my hand. My ipad is used for translating and my laptop is used for research and writing. I have no obligations, no schedule, yet I find myself as busy as ever.
Vanishing - I highly recommend it.