Thursday, 30 January 2014

Signs of entering U.S.A.

You know you're leaving Asia when:

- people in the baggage queue won't wait to be called
- more than a handful of your travel mates are obese
- someone in a pair of pajama pants walks down the aisle
- pasta is on the airline menu

You know you're in the states when:

- TSA gets as close to a strip search as possible
- it takes walking the entire terminal to find a non-food shop
- the airline employees have attitude
- announcements are english-only
- ... or nonexistent

You know you're on your way to Utah when:

- the flight attendant could be part of the Brady Bunch
- strangers expect to talk to each other
- only two people on the plane ask for coffee
- ... which is delivered separately
- ... and is so watered-down it's confused for tea
- adventurists somberly toast a final beer before arrival