Thursday, 30 January 2014

Home Sweet Home

Despite the caffeine laced 16hr flight, my first day back in Utah has been phenomenal! Still up till midnight MT time chatting it up with the fam. My niece dressed up in her best princess ball gown, my not-yet-1yr nephew crawled/stood/rolled every which way, my parents and siblings joined in rockband between chats. 

It's incredible how quickly elapsed time is forgotten when with the people you love. I feel as though I've been home for a week (that could be attributed to sleep deprivation) with our Chamberlain crew. Tonight I sleep in pjs I lifted from my sis while my suitcase is in limbo. Till then it'll be a good excuse to pullout the old winter gear! Oh closet, I've missed you!

Given the overextended length of my travel, there is a huge relief in returning home. It's a much needed grounding among turmoil. The smiles, jokes, and ease of my family have put my anxieties to rest, which were spiked during the past few days. It makes me regret that I haven't touched base more often - and at the same time grown my appreciation for these wonderful figures in my life :)