Saturday, 11 January 2014

Airport tips that now seem so obvious


When preparing for a flight be sure to reserve a taxi ahead of time. This will save you from standing in the rain at 6am for forty minutes before hastily calling in an SOS from friends.


Weigh you luggage before hand. Sure you might think it fits, and you also might think you’ll have time to readjust in case it doesn’t. But you might be making it to the check-in just seconds before the cutoff. In this case- flirt like there’s no tomorrow in order to buy time!


TSA. Plan in advance to make sure all containers are within standard measurements. And avoid packing pointy objects like nail trimmers that might set off alarms. Keep your belongings neatly stowed to avoid the embarrassment of looking like a caveman as security sorts through a jumbled mess of odds and ends. 


If seated in the middle seat during a flight be considerate of those around you. This may be difficult when trying to leave your seat. And reaching over, though necessary during meal and refreshment times, is frowned upon.


Despite a wide selection of movies, opt for some sleep. This will save you from having a haggard droopy eye appearance at arrival. This is important, because you might be sent to castings straight off the plane.

Should’ve known…